Artist Unknown: We Have Just Begun to Fight! 1943.
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Artist Unknown: We Have Just Begun to Fight! 1943.

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Artist Unknown We Have Just Begun to Fight! 1943. Figure adapted from French World War I poster On les Aura is revived to show a GI urging his comrades forward as they charge an enemy position. Title is John Paul Jones' famous quote when he refused the offer of a British Commander of the HMS Serapis during the engagement between the Royal Navy frigate and Jones’ ship Bonhomme Richard in 1779 to surrender. Ten battles listed below the soldier include combat action from '41 to '43. Harper notes “The U.S. was still losing the war in 1943. Allied troops had landed in North Africa and were readying themselves for landings in France and Italy. The difference between the French poster and the American - one of a confident and graceful youth and the other of a toughened and desperate man-is a measure of the distance between innocence and dreadful initiation.” 28x22 near mint, conservation backed.

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