Coll, Joseph Clement: The Tidal Wave 1918.
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Coll, Joseph Clement: The Tidal Wave 1918.

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Coll, Joseph Clement The Tidal Wave 1918. Clever poster that yields more hidden images the longer you look at it.  The principal images pictues a flotilla of American merchantmen , led by an eagle, riding the crest of a wave as it speeds towards France. It's accompanied by U.S. cavalrymen who make their appearance as ghost riders in the sky where they share airspace with biplanes, infantrymen and heavy artillery. The navy and merchant marine ferried 2,000,000 men and their supplies "over there" in 1917 and 1918 when this dramatic poster was printed. 30x20  Poster is in near mint condition, conservation backed.

Bibliography: Walton Rawls, Wake Up, America!, page 77.