Dimitri, Ivan Keep 'em Flying! 1941
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Dimitri, Ivan Keep 'em Flying! 1941

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Dimitri, Ivan Keep 'em Flying! 1941. Poster illustrates the subtitle Air Crews Are Vital for Victory on a striking recruiting poster. Young men between 18 and 26 were recruited for a variety of jobs, as  aviation cadets,, bombardiers, navigators or pilots. Dimitri's photo, taken from an interesting low angles, shows an air crew studying a map just as three B-17s roar right through the title Keep 'em Flying" overhead. B-17 Flying Fortresses were the spearhead of the American daytime bombing raids over occupied Europe. Armed with thirteen machine guns, they flew in a box formation enabling them to provide covering fire for one another, but losses from German flak and fighters were still heavy. 38x25 near mint, conservation backed.