Erler, Fritzr: Help Us Win! 1917.
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Erler, Fritzr: Help Us Win! 1917.

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Fritz Erler Help Us Win! 1917. A veteran's vacant stare reflects the trauma of the trench warfare he has endured. After visiting the front the artist was haunted by the chalky faces of the exhausted soldiers whose lives were in constant danger. Realizing its propaganda value, the German high command selected this powerful image for field postcards. The steel helmet that that was introduced in 1916 stares defiantly from the trenches. He is surrounded by barbed wire, a gas mask on his chest and two ‘potato masher’ grenades in his pouch, the intensity of his eyes and his defensive position in the trenches captures the siege mentality of Germany in 1917. 13x9 near mint,conservation backed


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