Fouqueray, Charles: Serbian Day 1916.
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Fouqueray, Charles: Serbian Day 1916.

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Fouqueray's strong poster is based on a photo of the epic Serbian retreat across snow covered Albanian mountains to the island of Corfu from where ragtag surviors were shipped to Salonica where they fought the Germans as part of an allied contingent. Here General Putnik, then in his 70s and ill, stands with a nearly blind King Peter, who rode in an oxcart to stay with his beleaguered army. Because of distance, the allies, who had their hands full in 1916 when this poster was printed, could do little or nothing to help the beleagurred Serbs. 45x31 near mint, conservation backed.

Bibliography: Hardie and Sabin World War I Posers, 25; René Paillard Affiches 14-18, 43.