JKB: Automobile Drivers Do Your Bit! 1918
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JKB: Automobile Drivers Do Your Bit! 1918

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JKB: Automobile Drivers Do Your Bit! Drive a Motor Truck for Uncle Sam 1918. Recruiting poster seeks drivers between 18 and 45. Recruits were automatically given the rank of sergeant and $35 a month as well as rations, quarters, clothing, fuel and medicine when needed. The automatic sergeant’s rank shows the importance of motorized transport. Most vehicles were still horse drawn. Keep in mind that even in World War II the Germany Army was still horse drawn. Note the chevrons on the uniform are reversed what they are today, pointing down rather than up. A proud recruit with us hand on the front fender of a Jeffery Quad truck. The Quad was America’s first four wheel drive truck , manufactured in Kenosha Wisconsin. It was powered by a 4 cylinder Buda engine manufactured in Harvey, Illinois not too far from Peoria where the Caterpillar tractor was developed. This highly detailed poster shows several aspects of this unique truck’s undercarriage including its heavy duty suspension, massive flywheel, solid rubber tires that were not meant to be inflated, two on the front axle and four on the rear. A single headlamp is mounted on the left side. Obviously examples of the rugged reliable trucks are now extremely rare. Jay Leno, an avid car collector, has one of the Jeffrey Quads still extant. Very rare. 22x14 near mint, conservation backed