Neumont, Maurice: Galerie Brunner.
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Neumont, Maurice: Galerie Brunner.

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Maurice Neumont Galerie Brunner.  Charming poster shows Parisian shop window which has been taped to keep its glass from shattering during an explosive blast. The only explosives threatening Paris in 1918 came from an enormous German railroad gun that fired  projectiles from a distance of 70 miles. This was quite an achievement in balistics when you considered it was done nearly a century ago. Scientific achievements aside, it was a terror weapon meant to cow the urban population. The Germans did much the same thing in World War II when they rained V1 and V2 rockets on London in the winter of 1944/45. The exposition pictured in the shop window includes an item which reads "Hooray for the U.S." in English. Another item that caught our eye is a small platter that simply reads "La France est immortelle." This French poster is so rare that it doesn't appear in Paillard. 31x23 near mint, conservation backed.