Raemaekers, Louis: Enlist in the Navy 1917.
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Raemaekers, Louis: Enlist in the Navy 1917.

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Raemaekers, Louis Enlist in the Navy 1917. Amazing poster by the Dutch artist Louis Raemaeker above Teddy Roosevelt's quote "Americans!....resist tyranny!" The artist had his first hand knowledge of mistreatment of Belgian civilians by the occuping Germans and didn't hesitate to expose it.  His work was so effective he was put on trial for endangering Dutch neutrality.  After he was acquitted the Germans put a price of 12,000 guilders on his head, dead or alive. With a bounty on his head the artist fled to Britain where he continued to use his artistic skill to skewer the Kaiser.  His singular American Navy recruiting poster shows Uncle Sam dressed as a doughboy taking aim at a whip toting fopishly dressed Kaiser. At the same time Uncle Sam lifts the cross of slavery and barbarism from a prostrate women. A rare and important example of propaganda. 28x27 excellent, conservation backed.

Bibliography: Hardie and Sabin First World War Posters, 71; Walton Rawls Wake Up, America!, 158.