Smith and Downe: Keep 'em Flying 1942.
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Smith and Downe: Keep 'em Flying 1942.

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Smith and Downe Keep 'em Flying 1942.Classic poster sums up the sunny promise of the Army Air Forces. The subtitle Duty, Honor, Country, is a perfect idealistic credo. With Old Glory shimmering overhead, a formation of Boeing B-17s is shown emerging from fluffy clouds. B-17s were heavily armed and capable of absorbing punishment, tight formations of B-17s were defended by overlappping fields of machine-gun fire from as many as thirteen 50 caliber machine-guns. The round trip to Berlin was 1200 miles, 287 mph max.  A B-17 had a crew of 10; two pilots, a navigator, engineer, left and right waist gunners, bubble gunner and rear gunner. The crew was equipped with electrically heated suits for high altitudes, Mae West life jackets, parachutes and harness, leather and steel helmets, silk gloves inside electrically heated leather gloves. Hard to find. 38x25 near mint, conservation backed.